Calibration of SDR Circuit Imperfections

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Executive Summary

Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceivers comprising a single highly reconfigurable circuit have proven to enable multi-mode multi-band operation at low-cost. However, distortion induced by circuit imperfections hampers standard compliancy over the diverse modes and bands. In this paper, a solution is presented and implemented in hardware to eliminate this distortion by using digital in-system calibration. The proposed calibration scheme offers system performance improvements beyond standard compliancy, achieving, e.g., an Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) of 1.8%, a quadrature imbalance of -46dBc and -42dBc at the transmitter and receiver output respectively and a carrier feed through of -38dBc. This calibration scheme is very efficient and directly applicable on most SDR transceivers, even in a multiple antenna (MIMO) configuration.

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