Call Admission Control in Mobile WiMAX IEEE802.16e With Dual Partitioning

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This paper presents call admission control in mobile WiMAX with Dual Partition (DP). The total link bandwidth is divided into two partitions, one partition is dedicated to all traffics which have variable bit rate and the second portion is dedicated to constant bit rate traffics, based on this partition, algorithm was developed to admit traffics into the wireless network. The developed algorithm (DP) outperformed the Convention Bandwidth (CB). WiMAX is a wireless broadband technology designed to enable pervasive and high-speed mobile internet access to a very large coverage area. It has coverage radius of several kilometers at data rate of about 75Mbps. WiMAX provides service to many devices like notebook personal computer; handset, smartphone and some consumers' electronics such as gaming devices, cameras, camcorder, and music player.