Project Management

Cautious Growth: Tending to Your Core Business

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Executive Summary

When CEOs who are content specialists start or take over a company in their field, they can often become so involved in day-to-day operations that they lose sight of the other half of their mission: to formulate long-term strategy. However, the opposite can also occur: a visionary CEO can become so involved in planning for tomorrow that he or she over-delegates the business of today. This ExecBlueprint discusses how to maintain a balance between your company's present needs and future prospects. The key is to work at growing and sustaining the company at the same time. Not only, therefore, must growth plans be carefully developed and tested, today's CEO should also not fail to serve present customers as well as seek out growth opportunities in its main line of business. Throughout this process, the authors remind us, the company should also endeavor to focus on quality, treat its employees fairly, and give back to its community.

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