CCNA 2 Companion Guide: Introduction to WANs and Routers

Boost your comprehension of the Cisco Networking Academy Program's CCNA 2 course material with this introduction to routers--what they are, what they are capable of doing, how to tell them specifically what to do, and how to find out if they are doing their job correctly. First, focus on how routers forward packets between different LANs by using wide-area networks (WANs). Review the basics of how routers route IP packets, then take a closer look at the WAN links used by routers to forward packets. Next, focus on the physical components of an internetwork with routers and WAN links, taking a look at the internal and external components of routers, and some details about how to connect cables to routers.

Title: Routers and Routing Basics: CCNA 2 Companion Guide (Cisco Networking Academy Program)
ISBN: 1587131668
Published: July 2006
Authors: Rick McDonald and Wendell Odom
Chapter: Chapter 1: WANs and Routers
Published by Cisco Press

Provided by: Cisco Press Topic: Mobility Date Added: Aug 2006 Format: PDF

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