ClassBenchv6: An IPv6 Packet Classification Benchmark

Date Added: Oct 2009
Format: PDF

Recently, the significantly increased IPv6 address length has posed a greater challenge on wire-speed router for Packet Classification (PC). Most conventional IPv4-based PC algorithms are no longer suitable for IPv6 PC. The performance and capacity of many IPv6 algorithms and classification devices depend upon properties of the IPv6 classifiers. However, there are no publicly available IPv6 real classifiers due to the security and confidentiality reasons. Besides, since IPv6 implementation is still in the initial phase, IPv6 real classifiers at present are too small to depict the feature. Thus, researchers who work on IPv6 PC can only generate synthesized classifiers by ad hoc methods. In response to this problem, the authors present ClassBenchv6, a suite of tools for benchmarking IPv6 PC algorithms and devices.