Closed Pattern Mining from N-Ary Relations

In this paper, the authors address the problem of closed pattern mining from n-ary relations. They propose CnS-Miner algorithm which enumerates all the closed patterns of the given n-dimensional dataset in depth first manner satisfying the user specified minimum size constraints. From the given input, the CnS-Miner algorithm generates an n-ary tree and visits the tree in depth first manner. They have proposed a generalized duplicate pruning method which prunes the subtrees that generate duplicate patterns. The space complexity of their algorithm is O (D+d) where D is the n-ary dataset and d is the depth of the tree. They have experimentally compared the proposed algorithm with DataPeeler, a recently proposed algorithm for closed pattern mining from nary relations.

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Applications Topic: Data Management Date Added: Nov 2010 Format: PDF

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