Cloud-Enabled and Cloud Based Strategies That Reduce Time to Value From Months to Minutes

Date Added: Jan 2010
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This paper aims to discuss the cloud-enabled and strategies based on the clouds that help in reducing the time to value from months to minutes. Shavlik Technologies in the past has successfully delivered such 'Off-network' yet high performing solutions to their clients. In the present times, Shavlik has extended its cloud-based strategies to now serve the IT requirements of their client companies. These cloud-based strategies are aimed at the small and medium business and help them find solutions within a span of few minutes. There are two types of cloud-based platforms that Shavlik technologies offer today and they are: OpsCloud and the Patch Cloud. In the OpsCloud, it helps the company to get solutions for its portfolio so that they can provide useful IT management based cloud applications and tools that help to work out the solutions in a stipulated time line and a limited budget. Such a cloud based platform is open to working with third party applications as well. In the case of the Patch Cloud platform, it combines all the relevant data comprehensively with the distribution pattern that is cloud-enabled. It also includes endpoint agents and third-party integrated platforms. By using the cloud-based distribution pattern, the company can send its patch data to over ten million endpoints within a span of few minutes.