CMT-QA: Quality-Aware Adaptive Concurrent Multipath Transfer in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Date Added: Jun 2012
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Mobile devices equipped with multiple network interfaces can increase their throughput by making use of parallel transmissions over multiple paths and bandwidth aggregation, enabled by the Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP). However, the different bandwidth and delay of the multiple paths will determine data to be received out of order and in the absence of related mechanisms to correct this, serious application-level performance degradations will occur. This paper proposes a novel Quality-aware Adaptive Concurrent Multipath Transfer solution (CMT-QA) which utilizes SCTP for FTP-like data transmission and real-time video delivery in wireless heterogeneous networks. CMT-QA monitors and analyses regularly each path's data handling capability and makes data delivery adaptation decisions in order to select the qualified paths for concurrent data transfer.