Coded Wavelet Packet OFDM with Companding for PAPR Reduction

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In this paper, coded wavelet packet OFDM with companding is proposed. For the proposed OFDM, at the transmitter PAPR is calculated for different coded tree structures developed and tree with minimum PAPR is selected for transmission. The proposed wavelet packet is advantageous in terms of performance as compared to without coding and companding. Simulation performed for Haar and DB WPT structures with BPSK modulation shows that BER performance is also preserved in addition to minimum PAPR. Haar WP OFDM performance shows 2dB improvement for BER of 0.01 compared to DB4 and PAPR improvement by 4dB.In addition Golay code provides 2db better performance than Hadamard for both Haar and DB4 WP OFDM.