Coherent Optical Communication Over the Turbulent Atmosphere with Spatial Diversity and Wavefront Predistortion

Date Added: Oct 2009
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Optical communication through the atmosphere has the potential to provide data transmission over a distance of 1 to 100km at very high rates. The deleterious effects of turbulence can severely limit the utility of such a system, however, causing outages of up to 100ms. In this paper, the authors investigate the use of spatial diversity with wavefront predistortion and coherent detection to overcome these turbulence-induced outages. This system can be realized, especially if the turbulence or the receiver is in the nearfield of the transmitter. New results include closed-form expressions for average bit error rate, outage probability, and power efficiency. Additionally, system performance gains in the presence of a worst-case interferer are presented. These significant results are used to develop design intuition for future system implementation.