Compact Planar Dual-Wideband Bandstop Filters With Cross Coupling and Open-Ended Stepped Impedance Resonators

Date Added: Feb 2010
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This paper presents the design of a compact BandStop Filter (BSF) operating at two frequencies. The proposed BSF consists of Open-ended Stepped Impedance Resonators (OSIR) and an End-shorted Parallel-Coupled Microstrip Line (E-PCML). The OSIRs are used to achieve the impedance-controlled stopband positions. The wide BSF bandwidths are achieved through enhanced coupling of the E-PCML. Explicit design guidelines are derived using a lossless transmission line model. To validate theoretical predictions, a prototype dual-band BSF operating at 900 MHz and 2,100 MHz with fractional bandwidths of 72% and 36%, respectively, is implemented in microstrip.