Compact Triple Band Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for WLAN/WIMAX Applications

Date Added: Oct 2011
Format: PDF

A compact triple band Rectangular MicroStrip Antenna (RMSA) for WLAN / WiMAX applications is proposed. The antenna operates at three resonance frequencies 2.4/3.2/3.5GHz Covering the WLAN/ WiMAX operating bands, IEEE WLAN protocol 802.11 b/g employs 2.4 GHz and WiMAX 3.5 GHz. The antenna was studied by means of simulations as well as practical measurements. The Triple band characteristics of antenna are due to the various slots on the radiating structure. The proposed antenna achieves good impedance matching, return loss (greater than -10dB), radiation patterns and consistent gain at all three operating bands. The antenna is simulated using Ansoft's HFSSv11 and measured using network analyzer.