Comparative Performance Analysis of SFH/FDM DRT and OBP Satellite Payloads Under Jamming

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Executive Summary

This paper presents a comparative performance assessment of slow frequency hopped, frequency division multiplexed waveforms through dehop-rehop partial processing and on-board processing satellite payloads under the effects of jamming. Towards application in tactical mobile satellite communications, the performances of convolutional coded Symmetric Differential Phase Shift Keying (SDPSK) and 1-bit differential Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK) modems are examined under the influences of jamming. Uplink channel impairment is modeled as Partial Band Noise Jamming (PBNJ), and Band Multi-Tone Jamming (BMTJ) coupled with AWGN and the downlink channel is modeled as AWGN.

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