Data Management

Comparison of the WLI Database Event Generator and the Oracle Database Adapter

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Executive Summary

Automation of data processing is one of the main purposes of information systems. Data storage, transformation and exchange are three of the most basic needs of an IT company. As for now database is the most viable option available for persisting information in a structured and accessible way. Integration engagements often need to interact with a database, either to update some asset, or to receive notification of an event and take some kind of action. This paper focuses on Web Logic Integration (WLI) and Oracle SOA Suite, specifically BPEL Process Manager (BPEL PM), how these are designed to match the requirements of events originated in a database. The paper also analyzes the receipt and processing of those events, once they have been detected. The first method discussed in this paper Event Generators (EG) from WLI. Event generators trigger events in response to activities that occur in the system associated with them. When a certain event occurs, the event generator is responsible for publishing information about the event through a message broker channel. A message broker channel is an independent communication pipe that supports publish and subscribe operations, very similar to JMS topics. The second method discussed in this paper is Oracle Application Server (AS) Adapters, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware that fits nicely with a SOA solution and provides a robust, scalable and flexible connectivity platform to over 200+ packaged applications. Oracle AS Adapters can be used by other SOA Suite components, like BPEL PM, and JEE applications.

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