Complimentary CIO Forum White Paper: Cloud Services Support HR's Growing Strategic Value

Find out more Date Added: Oct 2012
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Few would argue that a company's employees constitute its most valuable resource. These days, more and more emphasis is being placed on attracting and retaining employees, assigning the right people to the right tasks, and helping those people contribute to the company's overall goals--all critical areas of competitive differentiation.

Delivering on these and other strategic HR activities requires a collection of advanced HR software applications and services, running on an accessible, always-available and flexible IT infrastructure. For a growing number of companies, these requirements have led them to cloud-based HR solutions.

SuccessFactors BizX Suite helps companies execute on their core business strategies by bringing best-of-breed HR to the cloud. With multifaceted HR services, SuccessFactors has worked to address the key needs and concerns that both IT and HR managers have about cloud-based solutions. From architecture to integration, and security and privacy to extensibility, BizX Suite has a broad range of capabilities that make it the ideal cloud solution for HR. Learn more in this free CIO Forum white paper.