Consolidating SQL Server® 2008 Onto Dell™ PowerEdge™ R900 and PowerEdge™ R905 using Microsoft's Hyper-V™

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Executive Summary

This Guide is a companion to How-to Guide: Consolidating multiple SQL Server? systems onto Dell? PowerEdge? Servers using Microsoft's Hyper-V?. That Guide providers general virtualization and consolidation concepts, and demonstrates the setup and basic configuration of Dell? PowerEdge? R900 or PowerEdge? R905 server. Building on that base, this Guide adds the techniques you need to successfully consolidate your Microsoft? SQL Server? 2008 databases from multiple machines onto a single Windows Server? 2008 server system using Microsoft's Hyper-V?. In this Guide, we use Dell PowerEdge R900 and PowerEdge R905 as target serves.

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