Converged Networking in the Data Center

Date Added: Sep 2009
Format: PDF

With the advancement of Ethernet, PCI Express devices running at 10GbE are becoming more common and more affordable. The last two years have seen some significant changes in Linux networking. This expansion of multiqueue networking and increased usage of multi-core computers with 10 Gigabit Ethernet have made the concept of efficiently converging different network flows a real possibility. Various concepts that make network convergence a possibility have been taken up in this paper. This paper attempts to demonstrate that different types of traffic, such as storage traffic and LAN traffic, can efficiently coexist on the same physical connection. This is shown through the grouping of multiple traffic flows, using IEEE 802.1Qaz Priority Grouping and Data Center Bridging concepts. The paper is able to show that even different traffic flows can achieve latency and throughput, otherwise offered by the same traffic types' specialized adapters. This can be made possible through the support of multi-core systems and MSIX. With the advancements in technology, Ethernet networks will continue to push the speed envelope, and as more and more 10GbE devices will continue to come, these Ethernet networks will be cheaper to deploy. Converging networking is the solution that will help data centers to achieve the much desired dream of lowering the cost of operation along with increased computing power and efficiency.