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Cooperative Strategies for the Half-Duplex Gaussian Parallel Relay Channel: Simultaneous Relaying Versus Successive Relaying

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Executive Summary

This paper investigates the problem of communication for a network composed of two half-duplex parallel relays with additive white Gaussian noise. Two protocols, i.e., Simultaneous and Successive relaying, associated with two possible relay orderings are proposed. The simultaneous relaying protocol is based on Dynamic Decode and Forward (DDF) scheme. For the successive relaying protocol: a Non-Cooperative scheme based on the Dirty Paper Coding (DPC), and a Cooperative scheme based on the Block Markov Encoding (BME) are considered. Furthermore, the composite scheme of employing BME at one relay and DPC at another always achieves a better rate when compared to the Cooperative scheme. A "Simultaneous-Successive Relaying based on Dirty paper coding scheme" (SSRD) is also proposed.

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