CRABSS: CalRAdio-Based Advanced Spectrum Scanner for Cognitive Networks

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Executive Summary

The first step required by the process of cognition is the intelligent observation of the environment that surrounds the actors of such a process. The authors present the CalRAdio-Based advanced Spectrum Scanner (CRABSS), an open platform developed to monitor the ISM 2.4-2.499 GHz band and reveal opportunities for a better utilization of the available spectrum resources. CRABSS is built through a modular approach by integrating the development platform CalRadio 1 with the Unified Link Layer API (ULLA) framework. This solution provides sensing capabilities while preserving the 802.11b standard compatibility on the Cal-Radio 1 platform. Moreover, it takes advantage of the ULLA framework to export spectrum occupancy information to prospective cognitive radio manager engines, through a standardized set of sensing APIs.

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