Creating Custom Authentication

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Executive Summary

Although Oracle Application Express has excellent out-of-the-box options for authenticating users, it is sometimes necessary to develop custom authentication schemes to meet specific requirements. One such case was when one of the clients, who was already using several Oracle Database instances required some fairly restrictive requirements. Some of his requirements were Users must be able to run Oracle Application Express applications from any of the Oracle instances while having to authenticate only once; they must be able to sign out of any application and have that sign-off apply to all other applications in a single time and; the authentication solution must leverage existing Oracle infrastructure. This paper provides solutions to the above mentioned requirements. Single-sign-on and single-sign-off functionality for a suite of Oracle Application Express applications was provided to the client. It was done by assembling two custom authentication schemes that incorporated custom code while leveraging native Oracle Application Express functionality whenever possible. All the unauthenticated requests to access applications were redirected to the login application, where the user was presented with an authentication challenge. After successfully verifying the test the user was aided with a "Suite cookie" that facilitated transparent authentication thus giving him access to all other suite applications. In the same manner solution was provided where signing off from any application in the suite would allow the user with a recursive sign-off process across all applications.

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