Creating Low-Cost Intelligent Display Modules With an FPGA and Embedded Processor

Date Added: Sep 2008
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LCDs are fast becoming a standard part of the automotive interior. As demand for LCD technology increases, so do methodologies for controlling and creating the displayed graphical content. Traditionally, character-based LCDs and Vacuum Florescent (VF) displays have been used for low-cost automotive infotainment applications, but low-cost color Thin Film Transistors (TFTs) quickly are becoming a bright alternative. Incorporating a color TFT within existing low-cost application architectures can, however, be challenging. Most low-cost platforms lack sufficient processing bandwidth or, specifically, a processor with an LCD controller to control and drive a color TFT LCD. Additionally, most existing architectures do not contain enough dynamic and non-volatile memory to cover the graphical content required by the LCD.