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Creating Value Through Intimacy

Date Added: May 2010
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The objective of this paper is to show the importance of the word intimacy in IT (Information Technology) organizations. Bringing IT and the business is an indispensable step, as technology got tangled in to the fabric of business. Initially, when computers were introduced, there was a big break up between IT and business. But days are gone when business had a separate line from IT, now business is more dependent on IT for the core business to happen. The gap between IT and business can be bridged based on IT trying to get the business to come its way. To achieve business goals, it is essential that both IT and the business should be in the same direction. IT will help the business in technical complexities while the business will help IT in defining the requirements and in prioritizing its work. The need for intimacy between IT and the business is well expressed by IT as it wants the business to spell out exactly what they expect from it. On the other hand, the business is not bothered about the technology but just want to reap the benefits that IT can provide. Creating intimacy from IT point of view is that the IT leaders and management people at all levels should come along to have a detailed conversation about business plans and strategies. The main aim of creating intimacy between IT and the business is to understand business challenges and opportunities from customer point of view.