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Credibility Factors and Content Management for Commercial Web Sites

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Executive Summary

It is the primordial rule that commercial websites thrive on efficient content management services. Web credibility has become the keyword for success because persuading visitors to a person's site should be for more than just good looks. Building a website and maintaining it doesn't allow one to rest their laurels. In fact, the pressure to fulfill what one promises keeps building up until expertise and trustworthiness becomes the synonyms. This paper researches on the need for web credibility which correlates with the size of not just the website but the company too. It also talks about how to allocate the resources to maintain and update the existing website. Reading this paper will help the reader distinguish between the real credibility, deception and false promises in a website. Unavailability of necessary web pages, pop ups and broken links are examples of such deception. Web content management becomes crucial when both the company and the website grow to desirable heights. To reduce the maintenance cost it is mandatory to have efficient content management services. And that includes proper customer service representation and strong public relations. Everything that is portrayed in the web page is very important and comes under content management. To a certain extent for a successful content management one has to start at the fundamental level, or the challenges will keep becoming huge. The fundamental level includes a credible research methodology and surveys conducted at regular intervals.

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