Cross Layer Scheduling Algorithms for Different Rate Traffic in OFDM Broadband Wireless Systems

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Cross layer optimization plays a key role in radio resource management of Broadband Wireless Systems (BWS). Maximal SNR (MaxSNR) and Round Robin (RR) are two conventional scheduling strategies which emphasize efficiency and fairness respectively. Proportional Fair (PF) provides a tradeoff between efficiency and fairness. Here, the authors tailor PF to OFDM-based BWS (OPF). To meet QoS requirements for multi-rate services in multimedia systems, they propose two algorithms: Adaptive OPF (AOPF) and Multimedia AOPF (MAOPF). Under time varying and frequency selective fading wireless channel, system performances of OPF, AOPF, MAOPF are evaluated and compared with conventional MaxSNR and RR.