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Cybersecure Data Protection: White Paper

Date Added: May 2010
Format: PDF

CyberSecure carrier grade data centers are located in Melbourne and Sydney and offer data protection with a network that spans across two multi-million dollar Australian data centre storage facilities. This paper discusses the efficiency of these data centers. It states that these data centers are investigated, reviewed and critiqued before being selected by CyberSecure as the amenities to accommodate clients' storage equipment and network. These data centers are trustworthy, fault-tolerant facilities, with uninterrupted power supply, air-conditioning, elevated flooring, fire and flood protection with keycard and biometric physical access security. The paper also discusses the state of the art technology used for all the security measures. The physical security controls taken by CyberSecure include selective authorization. Only authorized CyberSecure Engineers can access the data center tools. All the servers and equipments used by CyberSecure belong to the company only and are not shared with any other entity. The company engineers are also required to comply with health and safety regulations. The company also provides one to one replication of the data, wherein the replica is stored at a different site, thus providing an extra layer of security. It, however, charges extra fee for that. The company has exclusive contracts with suppliers to ensure the best quality of the equipments. CyberSecure also employs latest metrics for measuring its security and efficiency level. It constantly monitors its components including Fan speed, CPU load and voltages.