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Data Center Optimization: Beware of the Power Density Paradox

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Data centers are running out of power, cooling, and physical spaces. This holds true for most organizations today because of their need to deliver high-performance, enterprise-wide services to customers and employees. High-expenditure data centers can increase the capital costs for patchwork fixes, overall data centre operating expense, and they can also increase the danger of application downtime. This paper talks about how to overcome this problem with legacy systems, physical infrastructure, and long term strategy that should be considered. The paper also describes the need for and gives instructions on how to balance the density of servers and other equipment in a company's data centre. It describes power-density paradox and how to stay away from its trap by balancing facilities with upcoming IT needs. The density of servers and other equipment in a data center needs to be balanced with the availability of power, cooling, and space available with the company. The data centre of an organization should be planned and built with a holistic study of business needs and the data centre's environment. This paper shows the overall assessment of a data centre environment that can save or remove the need for costly construction or relocation of a data centre, hence saving the costs and energy.