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Data Center Services System: Creating a Tight Linkage Between the Data Center Cloud and Core Network

Date Added: Mar 2010
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With changing dynamics, network operators are finding it difficult to optimize their networks as per new traffic patterns. With the convergence of video, mobile services, and cloud technologies, IP next-generation networks has undergone a dramatic change. Consumers now demand personalized video content on the medianet while business customers rely on the cloud network for functionality instead of their own internal data centers. With changing demands and higher expectations of consumers, network service providers are seeing an unprecedented shift in network traffic patterns along with increased strains on networks. With new and emerging services, multidirectional traffic is seen between data centers within the network along with traffic flow to and from the subscriber. The paper shows how Cisco's Data Center Services System (DCSS) is helping these service providers tackle the new issues associated with data center services. The paper highlights two technologies, namely The Network Positioning System (NPS) and Cloud VPNs (CVPNs), that DCSS uses for this purpose. The paper describes how DCSS delivers a set of technologies that combines the strengths of both the next generation IP network and the virtualized data center.The paper also lists the benefits that DCSS offers to its users. Among these, two main benefits are that it helps to make the network infrastructure more operationally effective and also allows providers to capitalize on new revenue opportunities.