Data Hiding Based on Contrast Mapping Using DNA Medium

Recently, biological techniques become more and more popular, as they are applied to many kinds of applications, authentication protocols, biochemistry, and cryptography. One of the most interesting biology techniques is deoxyribo nucleic acid and using it in such domains. Hiding secret data in deoxyribo nucleic acid becomes an important and interesting research topic. Some researchers hide the secret data in transcribed deoxyribo nucleic acid, translated ribo nucleic acid regions, or active coding segments where it doesn't mention to modify the original sequence, but others hide data in non-transcribed deoxyribo nucleic acid, non-translated ribo nucleic acid regions, or active coding segments. Unfortunately, these schemes either alter the functionalities or modify the original deoxyribo nucleic acid sequences.

Provided by: Association of Colleges of Computing and Information Topic: Security Date Added: Apr 2011 Format: PDF

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