Data Integration Solutions

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iWay Software is programmed to offer a wide range of data management options to the users with the aim to provide direct access to data in operational systems, stage data in warehouses or marts, and allow dynamic drill-through to detail data. This helps the users in designing their architecture as per the unique information needs of customers. This powerful software offers all the required tools that are needed to develop an effective, yet economical strategy for accessing, storing, managing, and delivering all enterprise information assets. These include a comprehensive adapter suite, powerful ETL tools and intelligent resource analysis and governing solutions to name a few. This paper demonstrates how iWay software offers complete data integration solutions through it's by assembling powerful, pre-built components for enterprise-class integration scenarios, without custom code. This is an easy to use, fast and cost-effective product that can allow users to integrate business processes with the purpose of reusability. iWay adapters offer a simple way to install and use software to make all data sources available as part of a service-oriented architecture. These adapters make it possible for SQL-based tools to interact with over 250 information systems, without any custom integration code. Apart from this, these iWay adapters also provide their usage and performance characteristics statistics. User can also achieve full audit trail from source to target by using these iWay adapters in extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes.