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Data Mining With Oracle Database 11g Release 2: Competing on In-Database Analytics

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Executive Summary

With Oracle Data Mining, everything occurs in the Oracle Database-in a single, secure, scalable platform for advanced business intelligence. Oracle Data Mining represents a breakthrough in business intelligence. It embeds a wide-range of mining functions inside the database with power of SQL. It helps clients to target best customers, develop detailed customer profiles, and find and prevent fraud. With Oracle Data Mining, companies can implement strategies. Oracle Data Mining Release 11g Release 2 supports twelve in-database mining algorithms that address classification, regression, association rules, clustering, attribute importance, and feature selection problems. It permits large data sets to be mined speedily, thus further increasing the competitive advantage already gained from Oracle's in-database analytics. By automating, integrating, and operationalizing the discovery and distribution of predictive analytics and new business insights, companies can leverage their Oracle Database technology investment, to operate more intelligently, and most importantly, to gain competitive advantage. This paper explains how Competing on In-Database Analytics can be used beyond basic BI dashboards and reporting. Traditionally, this process of extracting information from data has been left to the purview of highly technical data analyst specialists using specialized data analysis tools and extracted copies of data. It allows data analysts' direct access to the data to rapidly build, evaluate and deploy predictive analytics throughout the enterprise in dashboards and next-generation applications.

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