Data Services in SOA: Maximizing the Benefits in Enterprise Architecture

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Executive Summary

Leading organizations are turning to services that can participate in orchestrated business processes. Most of these services are vertical in nature and offer flexibility that helps in improving the quality of the data that flows through these services. The value of these services can be significantly enhanced by taking a wider perspective when viewing corporate data. This paper proposes that companies should apply to horizontal view of data level in order to identify and implement data management functionality as services. A horizontal view of data across the enterprise allows companies to build a much more flexible and useful service layer across business applications. This can be done by applying data services in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA is a business-centric architectural approach that supports integrating business data and processes by creating reusable components of functionality, or services. A data-centric SOA allows enterprises to leverage new and existing IT investments to support business requirements, transition between applications, and deliver trusted business information. Data issues are a broad term that comprises data management, data quality, and data movement. With a focus on data, a SOA enables a company to have high-quality, consistent data at the right place and at the right time. In addition, it pushes the concepts of SOA into the data tier, creating reusable data services that can be leveraged in a business process orchestration or a composite application.

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