Data Management

Database Design and Management: "DGetting It Right the First Time"

Date Added: Aug 2009
Format: PDF

It has often been observed that it is much easier to spot bad or not right database schemas than to confirm that a database schema is right. Everyone understands and accept the importance of schema design is the foundation of a well-performing database yet not many take database performance, administration and backup/recovery into consideration. This paper shares useful information on database design and management with the aim to help designed in getting it right the first time. Before getting on with any database project, it is essential to get clarity on the corporate mission and business requirements and a complete understanding of the real-world database management processes that tie database design to performance tuning, administration and backup/recovery. It is essential to integrate the best schema design with the best practices to ensure that the database environment is able to function at optimal levels. This further helps in ensuring that the data architects, DBAs, database performance team and data center managers and even business intelligence and applications teams are able to working together efficiently. With database modeling and design one can be sure of healthy database management and performance. This, in turn, helps to do away with haphazard approaches usually adopted to maintain data. It also helps to minimize maintenance and upkeep of the database schema and ensure data accuracy and reliability.