Delivering Content to Apple IPhone, IPod Touch and IPad Using RealNetworks

Date Added: Jun 2010
Format: PDF

This paper aims to discuss the how real networks have been successfully delivering content to Apple iPhone, iPods Touch and also the iPad. With many years of experience in their basket, Real Networks have mastered the act of delivering multimedia content in various formats to Apple and many other such manufacturers of devices. With Apple, the content generated is very different from the content created for other device manufacturers. For the others, they were delivering content through RTSP or RTMP but for Apple the format has to be via HTTP or HTTPS. Luckily Apple also has the ability to support and switch to different alternate versions as well. With Apple's device one can send across a request to decode and then download something new or in a different format. Real Networks make use of two different methods to deliver content to Apple and they are: One can be done through progressive download while the second method is through segmented download. The segmented downloading process is also known as the live streaming of HTTP. However, as an Apple device user, when using either of the methods for downloading, one has to follow certain norms set up by Apple. If one is downloading a video or content which exceeds 10 minutes of duration time or 5 MB then live streaming is to be used. If one is downloading the above one needs to provide at least one stream which is at 64 Kbps.