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Dematerializing Processes for the University Intranet

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Executive Summary

This paper belongs to a university that started out with Intranet Portal which started a new process of governance for the organization. The next work, titled 'Dematerialization of Processes', followed the success of the introduction of their new method of governance. Following the positive feedback that was received, work was initiated on the new process of dematerialization. Dematerialization basically refers to doing more with the less. The main aim behind starting this process was to reduce the quantity of materials required to serve the economic functions in society. This paper discusses the procedure that was applied to in order to achieve the dematerialization of all processes at the Human Resource Office (HRO) of the University, and the provision of intranet portal, in a contextual way, which eventually resulted in dematerialized processes. The HRO was chosen to begin with the development of dematerialization of processes, since this is the department from where all the papers and processes have to initially pass through. The HRO can be called as backbone of the university because it is in this department that all the papers are checked, marked, sent, dispatched, resent and finally archived. Therefore, it was the starting point of the dematerialization process. This paper also discusses the problems that were met with while the process of transition from paper to digital media was going on.

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