Depth and Rate of Fading on Fixed Wireless Channels Between 200 MHz and 2 GHz in Suburban Macrocell Environments

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Various bands between 200 MHz and 2 GHz have recently been reallocated to multipoint fixed wireless services. The links in such systems are usually obstructed by buildings and foliage and are susceptible to fading caused by windblown trees and foliage. To date, there have been relatively few efforts to characterize either the depth of fading in bands below 1.9 GHz or the rate of fading in any of these bands. The authors transmitted CW signals in the 220, 850 and 1900 MHz bands from a transmitter located 80 m above ground level in a typical suburban macrocell environment and collected time-series of received signal strength at distances between 1 and 4 km from the site.