Design and Implementation of a Routing Control Platform

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Executive Summary

The routers in an Autonomous System (AS) must distribute the information they learn about how to reach external destinations. Unfortunately, today's internal Border Gateway Protocol (iBGP) architectures have serious problems: a "Full mesh" iBGP configuration does not scale to large networks and "Route reflection" can introduce problems such as protocol oscillations and persistent loops. Instead, they argue that a Routing Control Platform (RCP) should collect information about external destinations and internal topology and select the BGP routes for each router in an AS. RCP is a logically-centralized platform, separate from the IP forwarding plane, that performs route selection on behalf of routers and communicates selected routes to the routers using the unmodied iBGP protocol. RCP provides scalability without sacricing correctness. This paper presents the design and implementation of an RCP prototype on commodity hardware.

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