Design and Performance Study for a Mobility Management Mechanism (WMM) Using Location Cache for Wireless Mesh Networks

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Executive Summary

Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) have emerged as one of the major technologies for 4G high-speed mobile networks. In a WMN, a mesh backhaul connects the WMN with the Internet, and Mesh Access Points (MAPs) provide wireless network access service to Mobile Stations (MSs). The MAPs are stationary and connected through the wireless mesh links. Due to MS mobility in WMNs, Mobility Management (MM) is required to efficiently and correctly route the packets to MSs. The paper proposes an MM mechanism named Wireless mesh Mobility Management (WMM). The WMM adopts the location cache approach, where mesh backhaul and MAPs (referred to as mesh nodes (MNs)) cache the MS's location information while routing the data for the MS. The MM is exercised when MNs route the packets.

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