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Detecting and Preventing a server hack

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There are various practices that are employed by organizations to protect and secure their servers from possible hacking attempts. This paper talks about a range of methods for identifying all possible intrusions in networks. It is aimed at system administrators who manage Linux servers. The sudden increase in bandwidth usage, returned emails, and complaints regarding SPAM from the server are various signals that indicate the hacking of a server. Discussed in this paper are various techniques that help in determining a server attack. It is divided into various sections with one section explaining in details the methods for blocking the attacks. ForLinux mentioned in this paper provides system administration, support, and consultancy for Linux solutions. The server can be blacklisted as a spammer or a code can be installed that could affect the ranking of the search engines. There are various processes mentioned here that help in detecting attackers' activity. It also talks about various techniques that determine if a server has been compromised and also points out various correct and preventive future attacks. One section of this paper explains simple methods that are used for detecting suspicious scripts, and also helps in identifying what the scripts are and also how to remove them. All prevention methods with solutions mentioned in this paper can protect data making it safe and secure.