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Developing a Regional Accent

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Executive Summary

This paper describes how to create reusable UI components called regions. Regions are referred as components with view activities that represent only a fragment of a JSF page and whose visual contents and runtime behavior are determined by a bounded task flow. It is easy to reuse a region, embedding it in the contents of another page.The user needs to download the starter workspace. Then various steps are shown how a regional accent can be developed. It begins by creating a Bounded Task Flow of Page Fragments. It follows on to Performing an Operation before the Page Renders. Then ext step is adding the Task Flow as a Region. These features employ the full power of Oracle's Application Development Framework task flow feature for the bounded task flows. The task flow diagrams indicate when task flow begins. Remember a method call activity can invoke a backing bean method if needed for more-complex custom setup processing. The visual activity dispels any errors for doing page setup logic. They can include any combination of task flow activities, including multiple view activities whose "Current" page fragment specifies the contents of the region at runtime. This allows great flexibility in creating reusable UI components, simple or complex. They can be packaged into libraries. Then they can then drop onto pages wherever it is necessary.

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