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Developing Applications for the BlackBerry Smartphone

Date Added: Jan 2010
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BlackBerry smartphones support two types of mobile applications: Oracle ADF Mobile Browser applications and Oracle ADF Mobile Client applications. The development process for both is same. This paper shows how easy this process is using Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF. Oracle ADF Mobile Browser client has the ability to render applications to older and newer BlackBerry browsers. Skinning is a process to optimize the users experience allows an Oracle ADF Mobile Browser application to deliver a BlackBerry-optimized user interface using Trinidad components. It also allows the same set of UI components to take on a look-and-feel optimized for BlackBerry smartphones, without needing to create multiple versions of the same application for different mobile devices. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server is designed to be a secure, centralized link between an organization's wireless network, applications, and BlackBerry devices. Oracle ADF Mobile Client consists of a client part that includes a mobile Model, Controller, View and J2ME runtime. Oracle ADF Mobile Client is a mobile implementation of the Oracle ADF Model-View-Controller architecture that lets one build an on-device, native mobile application for the BlackBerry smartphone. Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF enable developers to extend the reach of their enterprise applications to mobile devices. This paper also provides steps for developing an Oracle ADF Mobile Client for Blackberry.