Developing Information Networking Further: From PSIRP to PURSUIT

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Executive Summary

PSIRP (Publish-Subscribe Internet Routing Paradigm) is an EU FP7 funded project that has developed a clean-slate architecture for the future Internet, based on the publish-subscribe primitives (rather than the send-receive ones), all the way down to the core networking functions. The PSIRP vision is a pure information-centric Internet architecture, possibly providing remedies to many of the current Internet problems. In PSIRP, all is information and everything is about information. Content-based identities, recursive application of ideas, cryptographic techniques, and the Trust-to-Trust principle are all extensively used to achieve the design goals. Furthermore, incentive compatibility and socio-economic considerations are guiding the design from the outset, to ground the project in reality and to provide credible and viable potential deployment paths.

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