Digital Archiving Solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry (Horison)

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Executive Summary

Almost since its inception, the motion picture industry has struggled to find an efficient and effective means of storing and preserving its most precious assets?the myriad feature films cranked out by Hollywood studios. Not only do both celluloid and videotape deteriorate over time, but both present problems of storage. For example, any videotape or film stored in a physical library or vault is far from readily accessible, often taking months to reach the requestor and entailing thousands of dollars in shipping and restoration costs. And if the content is to be reused in any new project, it will first need to be scanned and digitized. Finally, any storage that involves manual handling of film or videotape or variable environmental conditions increases the risk of damage to that content.

Increasingly, the media and entertainment industry is looking to digital content archives to solve these storage problems. With the industry embracing an all-digital process that encompasses everything from filming to postproduction and distribution, the time is right to move content libraries from offline vaults to scalable digital archive systems. This white paper helps organizations make that move by covering each of the four areas that must be considered in developing a digital archive?capacity, performance, reliability, and cost?and by describing Oracle's Sun servers, automated tape libraries, disk storage, management software, and infrastructure, which can be used to create and maintain such archives.

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