Digital Baseband Compensation for Mobile SFBC-OFDM Systems With Receiver I/Q Imbalance

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Executive Summary

In-phase and Quadrature-phase (I/Q) imbalance is a major performance-limiting impairment for direct-conversion Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) transceivers. I/Q imbalance degrades the Signal-to-Noise-Ratio in an OFDM system by causing Inter-Channel-Interference (ICI) between image subcarriers. Doppler spread due to mobility also causes ICI but mainly between adjacent subcarriers. In this paper, the authors investigate the combined effects of mobility and I/Q imbalance in a Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output-OFDM system with the Alamouti Space-Frequency Block-Coding scheme and design an effective compensation technique.

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