Distributed Asynchronous Game Theoretic Solutions for Precoding Strategies in Multiuser MIMO Systems

Date Added: Jul 2012
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In this paper, the authors proposed and illustrated a distributed low-complex algorithm for pre-coding strategy selection in a Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MU-MIMO) wireless system using non-cooperative games. They formulate the game as a non-cooperative game for an asynchronous distributed system in multi-user MIMO system known as Partially Asynchronous Distributed Algorithm (PADA) and the convergence (Nash Equilibrium (NE) point) of the game. Mathematical framework providing sufficient conditions guaranteeing the uniqueness of the NE and the convergence of the proposed algorithm is presented. (NE) which possess at least one pure strategy Nash Equilibrium (NE) and the optimal strategy profile which maximizes the sum rate provides the solution for the existence and uniqueness of the game.