Distributed Processing Performance

Date Added: Feb 2010
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MoSes is a financial modeling development environment that is used within the actuarial community around the globe. MoSes applications are obtained from Towers Watson as fully supported applications. There are various factors that determine the efficiency of applications including model structure, development experience, parallel computing considerations, and code quality. This paper discusses the multipart detailed MoSes application and provides a reasonable analysis of distributed computing alternatives. With the aim to sustain the highly computationally intensive applications, organizations have installed distributed processing computer technologies. The idea of this paper is to talk about the scalability of MoSes application and also prove its improvement in major performance on moderately low-spec hardware. This paper offers Towers Watson and its customers with a practical performance metric that is based on a specific complex MoSes application, which is used in the real world. It states that in the real world, a certain amount of over-head is essential to control the distribution of parallel computing tasks across a network and the reassembly of results. This paper is divided into various sections that provide detailed study of the application with reliable and accurate data. Towers Watson mentioned in this report is a global professional services company that is designed to help organizations in improving their performance through effective people, risk, and financial management.