Distributive Subband Allocation, Power and Rate Control for Relay-Assisted OFDMA Cellular System With Imperfect System State Knowledge

Date Added: Dec 2009
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In this paper, the authors consider distributive subband, power and rate allocation for a two-hop transmission in an Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple-Access (OFDMA) cellular system with fixed relays which operate in decode-and-forward strategy. They take into account of system fairness by considering weighted sum goodput as the optimization objective. Based on the cluster-based architecture, they obtain a fast-converging distributive solution with only local imperfect CSIT by using decomposition of the optimization problem. To further reduce the signaling overhead and computational complexity, they propose a reduced feedback distributive solution, which can achieve asymptotically optimal performance for large number of users with arbitrarily small feedback overhead per user.