DITA Is Open for Business

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Development and exchange of information among the countries was dominated by the HTML in 1990s. Today, the computing world is ready to switch to XML content base. This is the right time for enterprises to consider DITA as the stepping stone to XML content development. Development and specialization of systems which penetrate the industries has proven DITA's staying power to the companies. This paper studies related deployment of DITA. Determining if a specialized DITA is required or the standard one shall allow a suitable content model continues to be a major challenge. DITA has very flexible specialization methods. Hence, it is practical to start with a standard DITA and specialize it later as per the need. According to the paper, Standard DITA can be adapted to match any given specialization provided that the correct transformations are followed. It has the ability to utilize maps and attributes for platform, product and other significant differentiations. Publishing XML of Web, Help documentation and print has been made more flexible and faster with the use of XML over HTML. The paper concludes that enterprises are appreciating the power of DITA and making it an important part of their strategies for global content deployment and development.