DOTA: A Double Truthful Auction for Spectrum Allocation in Dynamic Spectrum Access

Spectrum auctions have been proposed as an effective approach to fairly and efficiently trade the scarce spectrum resource among wireless users. The most significant challenge of the auction design to provide economic robustness, particularly truthfulness, under the local-dependent interference constraints. However, existing designs either do not consider spectrum reuse or are based on the impractical assumption that each user requests at most one channel. In this paper, the authors address this problem by proposing DOTA, a DOuble Truthful Auction for dynamic spectrum access. DOTA is economic-robust in terms of truthfulness, individual rationality, and no-deficit. It achieves improved utilization by exploiting spectrum reuse as well as dealing with the interference constraints.

Provided by: Nanjing University Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jan 2012 Format: PDF

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