Dr. Multicast: Rx for Data Center Communication Scalability

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Executive Summary

This paper discusses Dr. Multicast (MCMD), which is a system that eliminates data center disruptions by mapping IPMC operations. This refers, in particular, to IP Multicast (IPMC) in data centers and traces the root problem with a combination of point-to-point unicast and traditional IPMC transmissions. The system claims these transmissions as safe. The paper discusses how MCMD is able to enhance use of IPMC addresses available at a data center by bringing together matching multicast groups in an organized manner. The MCMD is able to provide these solutions while meeting unique requirements of hardware and the limits set on them by administrators of the IT architecture. The Dr. Multicast scalability system is a transparent one and is backward-compatible with commodity hardware and software. With the scaling out of networks scale, the software stack that runs on these is veered towards one-to-many (multicast) communication patterns. This paper talks about IP Multicast as a powerful communication option in data centers. Because MCMD uses standard IP Multicast interfaces, the network does not require modifications. This makes MCMD scalable and strong against node failures. The MCMD communication scalability solution is also able to strike barriers caused by hardware limits that often come with routers, switches and end-host NICs. This makes the Dr. Multicast scalability solution safer.

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