Dual Loop Layout Design of Backhaul Link for CDMA Cellular Communication System in Border Areas

To exploit the advantages of cellular communication system which provides high mobility, quick connectivity and easier to carry being light weight? Hence the cellular communication system is very useful for the defence forces deployed all along the border. CDMA based cellular communication system has inherent security. Hence, it is preferred over GSM system by the Defence forces. The E1 data from the BTS needs to be carried to the BSC/MSC either by the fiber optics cable or using radio links. This link is called Backhaul link. Backhaul links are very important and should be absolutely failsafe and reliable round the clock. Any failure of this link will cause the cellular system out of function even for local calls.

Provided by: International forum of researchers Students and Academician Topic: Mobility Date Added: Apr 2011 Format: PDF

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